29 April 2014

Hahnel Uni Pal multi battery charger

I had a camera which requires me to charge the battery via the camera. This is not to my liking. In order for me to avoid charging the camera battery via the camera, I then look for an external charger. The original charger for the camera is only able to charge that brand of batteries.

I was considered lucky as I normally browse the internet to search for the item I want. And found a few models that are able to charge different brand of camera battery.

I ended choosing Hahnel Uni Plus, because of the mini LCD screen to read the percentage charge. What more attractive is the charger able to tell the percentage of battery charge left in it.

The packing of the charger is simple and sealed tight. The only challenge is to put it back in it after using the charger. As I like to keep it neat when at home.

The back of the packing in multiple language.

A in car connector is provide which gives the option to charge the battery on the go. For wall charging, 2 different type of connectors are provided. As can be seen, a 2 pin connector is provided beside the 3 pins point connector.

A simple manual is provided to explain the how to use. And it is in multiple language.

The wall plug with 3 pins attached to it. The brand label on it for easy ID of the power for the charger. The 3 pins can be swap with the 2 pins connector. Simply pull up the latch then slide out the 3 pins connector and slide in the 2 pins one.

This is what it looks like once the connector is slide out from the unit. This made travelling easier.

This is what the charger looks like. LCD screen display power on, charge percentage and type of battery Li-Ion or AA and AAA. Only one color, white.

AA batteries compartment. Slide the cover to allow inserting of AA or AAA batteries. 2 AAs or AAAs are required to be inserted together. No indivdual charging of AA or AAA. The charger not reading the charge remained in the battery when the charger is not connected to power source.

Further slide away the cover reveals the negative connection part. The connection point for camera Li-ion battery can be seen next to the AA or AAA bunker.

Back of the charger. 4 thin rubbery legs at four corners. And a labelto display input and output power.

From this side we can see an USB and power insert. The USB is mean to power other units.

The charger is not connected to power source. On connecting the battery to the charger, the LCD will display the percentage of the charge left in the battery.

The charging time for normal size camera battery takes about an hour. I have tested the charger with 2 different camera battery. Both of the battery are fully charged to 100%.

I am happy to have this unit of charger. Now I do not need to charge the camera battery via the camera.
I was lucky to found it at lower price, which pushed me to order a unit. Now I can charge a spare battery while using the other.

23 July 2013

Old Siam Kopitiam @ 1Utama

It was 5 minutes to lunch. Lunch starts at 12 noon. Still pondering where to lunch in 1 Utama. That is when I saw this outlet in new wing of 1 Utama. I suddenly got interested in Thai food. And I was there browsing the menu. Okay lets give a go was playing in my mind. Oh.. this outlet is non halal.. which gave me another reason to try out the food at this outlet. 

Khao Kruk Kapi, the name of this main dish. Which is Thai belacan rice served with sweet pork and condiments. Chilly padi, slices of onions, long beans, egg, lime and the belacan rice. The belacan rice tatsed good. On first look, I thought it was a normal fried rice. So I wrong on first spoon of it. Then the condiments and sweet pork were mixed with the rice. This gave a hint of freshness to the rice with the raw condiments of onion and long beans. There is this small amount of spicy sauce. Not  sure what ingredients were used. Moreover it tasted familiar. One of the ingredient has to be the belacan.

Whenever I am in a Thai food outlet, I will look for Thai milk tea. And they do have it. The taste is different when compare to local milk tea.

There goes one of the walls in this restaurant.

The price was a little high for me. They do have lower price items. But this one is on the high side. Can't comment much on the price as it is located in 1 Utama.

Oh I would say this outlet is worth to try out. As it is different from most of the Thai restraurant that I had been to. Some of the items I have not seen it. Maybe part of it is a non halal restaurant.

20 July 2013

Taiping Thiam Kee @ USJ Taipan

Been here multiple times. My visit to this place was done in the morning mostly. This one time is dinner. Some how the brain was switching signal to explore outside the usual order I had made.

I have seen coffee mixed with jelly or cincau in menus, yet I did not tasked myself to get one. This time saw it again in the menu. Yup.. gave an order to make one for me. 

Okay this one below is coffee and tea and milk and black jelly. The drink taste as usual strong coffee and a hint of tea. The jelly gave the coffee something to bite. And I like it. Going to do it again if the name of the drink appears in front of my eyes.

This is something new to me. I mean the name given for this dish. Teochew Fried Kue Teow. Not the usual local fried keowteow. The noodle is thicker. It tasted normal until chilly sauce is added. The chilly sauce is something special in this place. It has their distinct taste. And this chilly make my meal more appetizing. Been taking it everytime I visit the place together with dry noodle.

Here goes the chilly sauce in their container. It has a little sour taste in it. Which has given the chilly a different taste and when added to the food, I had turn the content of the bowl all to my tummy.

There are varieties of food to choose from. And not to forget the drinks. At times I had a difficulty to decide the drinks.