19 February 2006

California Pizza Kitchen

Was there with my wife on Tuesday, 14th, February, 2006. Indirectly celebrating Valentine's Day. Don't want to crowd dinner, so lunch is the option.

Outside view, while waiting for our orders.

We were early, if I recalled only three tables were occupied.

Use as much as you can on the food. Two plates and two set of fork and knife. There were four sets initially.

The drinks arrived first. Due to dry throat, took a few sips. That lemon was to be put into the tea.. I didn't know till my wife told me, "Put the lemon in the tea la." Because I asked, "Why this ice lemon tea got no lemon taste?".. hehehe.. silly me..

Starter and main dish have not arrived. And not much guess today.

A bread for starter, to go with tomato..

We waited for quite sometime for this fettucini. Before this main dish arrived, more and more people were appearing. We have to ask for secons time in order to get this. Almost gave up and wanted to lunch else where.

Overall the food is great. This place is famous for it's pizza. Didn't took pizza because, we think we can't finished it. There were more choices compare to Pizza Hut or Shakey Pizza or even Domino's. Actually I have been to this place a few times.. try it out if you have not.

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sublimingtravel said...

H i - thanks for the review n pics. I was lookin for the address and found ur blog. I liked it, lah. So I've just linked to it and added you to my bloglist.

Feel free to check it out n link to me, lah - if u like.